Heidi — Designer, Chef, Owner.

Heidi — Designer, Chef, Owner.

About the Restaurant

FüD (pronounced “food”) originated in 2007 out of a need for clean, consciously grown, and organically produced food in the greater Kansas City area. FüD first made a pop-up appearance in the Bad Seed Farmer’s market in the Crossroads. It was well received and became a word-of-mouth hit. FüD Designer Heidi VanPelt-Belle taught raw-living foods classes until opening the official restaurant in 2010.

With a conscious concept in mind, FüD has continued to grow, offering signature sandwiches and fast Superfüd in local coffee shops and health food stores in the greater Kansas City area. Progress is being made to locally manufacture and distribute the signature Cashew Goji Cheeses, Cashew Ice Creams, Cashew Cheesecakes and new SuperFüds.

About the Chef

Designer Chef Heidi VanPelt-Belle began her journey as a food entrepreneur when she created the first Raw Cashew Cheddar Cheese in Los Angeles and introduced it to actor Woody Harrelson. Heidi’s Cashew Cheese and raw-living creations inspired Harrelson to help create O2–an all living-foods oxygen and tonic bar concept in Los Angeles–and pitched by Heidi to Harrelson in her living room. Heidi continued to develop more concept recipes until her cashew cheese made its nationwide debut as Playfood out of her hometown, Kansas City, Missouri in 2006.

Our Philosophy

Our concept is L.I.F.E.: Low Impact Food for the Environment. We use only vegetables, fruits, grains and beans, creating every dish from scratch. The lowest carbon footprint. Our water for cooking and drinking is filtered and fluoride-free. We compost in several local gardens, recycle everything that can be recycled and use all bio-degradable take-out packaging. Our produce is always organic and, when in season, it is all locally harvested from organic farmers.

We are in the business of education, to keep our customers informed of daily sustainable living practices. Due to the world-wide demand of palm oil, rapid deforestation is endangering the dwindling population of Orangutans. In our products we use 100% coconut oil for deep frying and 100% Kalamata olive oil for cooking. The only palm oil we use is found in Earth Balance, a buyer of 100% RSPO (fully sustainable and not sourced in Orangutan habitat) palm oil. All MAJOR FOOD BRANDS use NON-SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL in their products. Please read labels before purchasing any products that might contain palm oil. Talk to your favorite restaurants about the frying/cooking/salad oil, chocolate syrup, savory or sweet sauces, candies, cereals and demand they use NO PALM OIL as there are always alternatives. You have the POWER TO EDUCATE ♥♥♥ Thank Yü ♥♥♥

Stay Positive, Eat the Rainbow and look for FüD coming to a neighborhood near you!

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