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Why do we eat füd?

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Do you wonder why the day goes by and you haven't eaten a proper meal? That's when it's time to venture into your favorite store and grab a sandwich. Why a sandwich? Well, a sandwich is a rainbow stacked between two pieces of bread. That's what I think of when making a sandwich. We live to eat color. Every color represents elements and phytonutrients your body requires to function. Have you noticed sometimes you crave purple and don't know why? Your brain knows. It's probably mining for copper or cobalt. The brain has agents flowing through the body in the form of neuropeptides. Yes, it's liquid brain. Do you wonder why you crave food that makes you feel bad? Your brain does. It's competing with bad gut bacteria for energy so the brain says eat more instant sugar. That usually means candy and pastries. There's a war going on for your solar plexus (gut). What controls the solar plexus controls the mind. Sugar is basic fuel for all organic life. It's brain vs. bacteria and you may be caught in the middle.

Choose your food wisely. Eat natural food, eat the rainbow. Eat FüD!

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